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A Therapeutic device of Extentracs caliber need to be airfreighted from it research facility rather than risk potential salt damage through sea freight. We took delver of Extentrac on 8th July 2014 the first unit of potential many to land in Australia.  Most sophisticated therapeutic device need to be assembled in its manufacturing facility by skilled engineers. This is great news as you have the reassurance that it has been assembled by the engineers whom deal with the device on a daily basis. Not so good news when you are trying to fit it through a front door which meets Australian standard. Extentrac is about 10cm too wide to fit through particular door. The only other way in was through the window. Best left for the experts, rather than my brothers, a couple of mates and I.  Hytec Asia Pacific, sensitive medical freight specialist, were contracted to get a 600 kg therapeutic device through a window, over 50cm ledge. Anything is possible says Marshal from Hytec but, it has to be down at 6 am as we need to park the truck at the front, make sure the window is out by that time. Just a few stress free steps;


Take the window out at 4.30am (by the way residents of Majors Bay Rd, that wasn’t us making that banging nose at that time 🙂 )


Delivery machine


Build a ramp over the ledge


Ramp it down.

All too easy!

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