About Inner West Chiropractic

TeamAt Inner West Chiropractic, we concentrate in the use of targeted, gentle, joint movements and various physical treatment methods in the care of common neck, back, arm and/or leg problems. We utilise evidence based musculoskeletal treatment protocols, commonly resulting in effective pain relief. Our aim is to have you back in shape quickly, in order for to get back to what's important… your family, work and friends.

We are evidence-based chiropractors who do not subscribe to the chiropractic vertebral subluxation theory and other unsubstantiated concepts. Therapeutic massage is used to relax and soften the affected area, followed a variety of gentle joint movement techniques, targeted to a restricted or fixated area.

We are Australia’s first and only certified M3D® trained practitioners. M3D® involves the use of Extentrac, a noninvasive, nonsurgical TGA approved therapeutic device. It works by introducing a safe, smooth and gentle stretching of the back to potentially relieve pain and increase flexibility. This is acheived through natural gravity traction, intermittent computerised traction and mobilisation forces at varying angles and directions. The result is a modern manual therapy alternative to restore motion to a restricted joint, for those who prefer avoiding the experience of the "cracking" process associated with the traditional method.

We treat every individual case differently. Utilising our clinical knowledge and examination protocols, all cases are given a comprehensive diagnosis, logical explanations, individualised treatment and a tailored made rehabilitation program. Our aim is to have you back in shape quickly, using the latest research and through the most cost effective means.