Injury Prevention

InjuryIn common clinical presentations the key to fixing a problem is NOT continued, ongoing treatment with your manual therapist (physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage etc.). Correct injury prevention advice, can identify and isolate situations where you continually hurt yourself or aggravate old persistent injuries are at home, work or during sleep.

Individualised injury prevention advice is part of the treatment at Inner West Chiropractic. In some situations, it’s wise to invest in injury prevention consultation at your workplace or home. An onsite consulting service for individual’s, as well as small to medium sized businesses is offered under our sister company Body and Spine. We tackle injury prevention from a practitioners points of view. Using our clinical experience dealing with countless people, who before you, have presented to our clinics with similar ailments, we identify areas where individuals are hurting themselves and develop strategies to help prevent these.

Different workplaces have a variety of different situations involving a person putting themselves through a number of repetitive activities and prolonged postures. Bad habits at ones workplace may ultimately lead to ailments of the musculoskeletal system. These ailments can range from low back and neck pain, headaches, restrictions in movements, arm and leg pain and everything inbetween. The workplace is not the only place where injuries occur. People also hurt themselves at home (DIY, gardening etc.) or hobbies (sewing, woodwork, sailing etc). We have clinical experience in dealing with ailments caused by poor workplace postures and situations. Having a 5 years university training based on the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, combined with 20 years as a clinician, a detailed knowledge of how the body is meant to be placed during certain activates, has been gained. After an onsite consultation, we may demonstrate how to prevent injuries doing your favourite and not so favourite activities.

We are not to be confused with OH&S, WHS or Safety officers. After all we are not experts on safety and we do expect they will be experts on musculoskeletal problems. We find family and smaller business utilise our services the most. Maybe as they to seem to care more about the health and wellbeing of their workers. A workplace consultation normally results in less sick days, less LTI’s (lost time injuries), workers compensation claims. Ultimately the worker needs less treatment with their manual therapist, hence saving them and the employer money (sometimes it is the employer that pays as to not make a claim, resulting in an increased workers compensation premium). Self-employed people take less time off, work more efficiently as they are out of pain and spend less on treatments with their manual therapist. Frank Caristo is an occupational injury prevention advisor. Call today on 97436666, to discuss your situation.