Extentrac is a therapeutic device for the non-surgical treatment of neck pain(+/- arm pain) and lower back pain (+/- leg pain). Its technology enables 3 dimensional body and spine positioning, before implementing customised computer controlled spinal treatment. Treatment involves the gradual ramp up, then ramp down of gentle traction to the desired parts of the spine creating distraction and movement. The advanced technology of Extentrac enables its pressure sensors to indicate the amount of load taken off the spine.


Distinctive Benefits of Extentrac include:

  • A non-invasive, painless procedure.
  • Treatment can be delivered in antalgic (pain relieving) positions.
  • This is achieved through utilising Extentrac’s state-of-the-art spine 3D positioning sys­tem.
  • Treatment can occur while the patient is vertical (standing) or horizontal (laying down) whilst being supine (face up) or prone (face down). This allows us to accommodate individual patient weight and physique.
  • Comparable devices limit patient set up to the horizontal position and restricts spinal motion. Extentrac allows for spinal traction in therapeutic positions of flexion (bending forward), extension (bending backward) or lateral flexion (side bending).
  • Targets specific discs for direct treatment to the source of pain
  • Extentrac’s 3D spine positioning system with its movable leg and lumbar patient treatment platform, provides the practitioner the freedom and flexibility to incorporate important therapeutic spinal mobilisation (movement) for effective restoration of the normal spi­nal ranges of motion.

How it works

After a thorough examination to isolate the source of pain the patient is firstly explained the various safety devices of Extentrac. The patient steps onto the foot platform, and are positioned either face up or face down, based on their individual spinal pa­thology. Padded un­derarm supports and stabilisation belts are utilised to safely se­cure them to Extentrac and provide the means of applying the gentle trac­tion force.

Various adjustments are made to certain cushions on Extentrac enabling the practitioner to isolate the required spinal segment they wish to repair. Gentle computer controlled traction is then applied to the affected area. The amount of traction and the required time that this movement is held, is determined by the patient’s clinical presentation. Extentrac’s unique function allows the practitioner to alter these parameters at any time before and during the treatment. Its features also allows the practitioner the ability to treat patients by applying hands-on therapeutic procedures or to enable a fully automated treatment cycles. The result is gentle and pain free dis­traction disc therapy and spinal mobilisa­tion to restore the normal spinal ranges of motion and joint mobility.