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Several years ago Dr Graeme, a Chiropractor practicing in Victoria, Australia was looking for a serious hand held massager his patients could use at home to get the extra quality massage they needed. The ones he found in the shops and on-line for home use looked nice but were not serious, and certainly not capable of delivering the massage needed.

Dr Graeme ordered many samples from several overseas factories. After a while he had a wheelie bin full massagers, discarded due to poor quality, being under powered and not ergonomically designed. Eventually he found a massager that had an excellent ergonomic shape and a good hammer mechanism, but the internal components such as the motor, bearings and switch were of poor quality. Dr Graeme had the factory build a limited run of these, replacing those poor quality parts with a good quality motor, bearings and switch. That became the first Deep Tissue Massager.

Those first DrGraeme Deep Tissue Massagers were well received by Dr Graeme’s colleagues. They recommended them to patients and were used in their clinics. They sold out very quickly.

Since then there has been a process of gradually improving the massagers and supplying an ever increasing network of colleagues and other professionals. We’ve gone from the original Deep Tissue Massager which was just someone else’s massager with good quality parts, to developing an entirely new General Purpose Massager which even has a custom made high torque lower revving motor that’s ideal for massage. It is easy enough for patients to use at home, yet out-performs most higher price professional massagers. They are now used by thousands of practitioners across over 20 countries, and are used in a large number of university courses including Physiotherapy, Chiropactic, Osteopath, Myotherapy and Exercise Physiology.

Machine v hand massage

If you want a soothing, relaxing hands on experience you will probably be better off with a hands on masseur. However, if you have a specific muscular or soft tissue problem read on how the DrGraeme massager can help you.


We’re in the 21st century now. Medics often don’t have to cut people open to remove gallstones, they put an ultrasound machine on the surface and the high-energy waves smash the stones. Geologists send vibrations deep into the earth to map what’s underneath. Likewise we have percussive massagers that have hammer pads that send vibrations deep into the muscles. If we can smash gallstones with sound and bounce vibrations off bedrock dealing with a few deep muscular “spots” shouldn’t really create much of a challenge.

Using a DrGraeme massager at home is convenient and allows regular repetitions. We’ve had experience with hands on massage and various mechanical percussive massagers. The machines are maybe 5-20 times as fast, depending on which machine you use and what you are doing. Also they seem to do a far better job of the deeper tissues (which are the ones masseurs press in painfully to get). If a body part would normally take say half an hour using hand massager you will probably only take 5 minutes with a machine. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. If you want to dig a trench your only option used to be a shovel. Now you can use a trench digger or a back hoe and get a better job in a fraction of the time. Also, if you have a machine it’s much cheaper to use it than pay for hours of work by manual laborers. It’s the same with massage.

Regular repetition

Massaging chronic myofascial (long standing muscular) issues and weeding a garden have a lot in common. Neither are very complicated, but whether you want your garden to be free of weeds or your body to be free of chronic myofascial issues you need to do it regularly.


If you have a massager sitting next to your favorite lounge chair you will probably get your 20-30 or more applications, however if you rely on a professional hands on masseur you won’t. This is where the hand held percussive massager wins hands down. It can be done by yourself in 5-10 minutes while sitting in your lounge chair watching TV. Nothing comes close.shoulder-full-01


DrGraeme Massagers are available from our Concord and Springwood Clinic.

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